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The Dirty Dozen Feeling the Heat from the Feds?

Posted in Foreclosure Topics, Land Use
When it rains, it pours.  The fallout from the artificially generated housing bubble and the attendant financial crisis is really starting to take hold against the various major players in the banking industry.  It seems everyone with any stake in the mortgage meltdown, from individual home owners to purchasers of mortgage-backed securities, are seeking their… Continue Reading

Careful When You Close The Door Behind You

Posted in Foreclosure Topics, Land Use, Real Estate, Tax Lien Foreclosure
A San Diego police officer and his wife recently pleaded not guilty to accusations that they trashed their foreclosed home in Riverside County, taking $44,000 in appliances and fixtures with them when they moved out.  Both have been charged with one felony count of damaging or carrying away items from a foreclosed property.  Damage was… Continue Reading

MERS: The Risk of Efficiency

Posted in Foreclosure Topics, Land Use, Real Estate, Tax Lien Foreclosure
MERS or the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, little known before the foreclosure tsunami struck, was developed in the early 1990’s by a number of financial entities, including Bank of America, Countrywide, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, allegedly to allow consumers to pay less for mortgage loans, streamline the mortgage process through electronic commerce, and eliminate… Continue Reading

Tax Lien Foreclosure: Ready, Willing, and Able to Redeem

Posted in Land Use, Real Estate, Tax Lien Foreclosure
In the tax lien foreclosure world, appropriate service of process is absolutely crucial.  Consider what is at stake in a tax lien foreclosure case – the potential forfeiture of the right of the owner of a property to pay off their delinquent property taxes, which practically speaking means the likely loss of their property.  If… Continue Reading

Arroyo Grande – The New Land Department

Posted in Land Use
It has been interesting to watch the transition in the State Land Department, whose long-standing mission has been "to enhance value and optimize economic return" for the State Land Trust.  In practice, the Department has simply sold trust land to the highest bidder at public auction, which historically have been developers.  Despite ongoing attempts at… Continue Reading

The Rising Tide

Posted in Land Use
Whether you believe in global warming or not, there is ample evidence that ocean levels are rising, which has created some very interesting legal issues, namely what happens when a public beach moves onto private property? This is precisely the issue in Surfside, Texas – a small beach town south of Houston. To read an… Continue Reading

Stucco vs Equines

Posted in Land Use
A recent article in the Arizona Daily Star discussed and highlighted an increasingly controversial land use issue: what happens when the suburbs run into rural land uses, namely small horse ranches. Interestingly, I represent one of the landowners in the article that is facing the opposite situation – what happens when a horse owner alters… Continue Reading