Land Use Legal Representative for Southern Arizona

I am a land use attorney who has actually spent his whole legal career focusing on defending the personal property rights of southern Arizona landowners. I do this work because it intrigues me; my work gives me great pleasure and complete satisfaction beyond earning a living.

What sets me apart from other Tucson legal representatives you can hire is I constantly believe in my customers and wish to succeed for them alone. I comprehend the high stakes and fear court cases include, and I plan meticulously to ensure not only the best possible outcome however also your comfort throughout the litigation.

Asserting your rights to the pleasure of your home or business

Tescon, AZ

Your home loses value when you can not establish it residentially or commercially as you picture. For more than 40 years, our land use lawyers have actually defended the rights of property owners. Whether you are a real estate designer or a private landowner, you deserve to object to any constraints the local, state or federal government puts on your land use. Contact our skilled litigation lawyers  for your concerns involving:

  • Zoning
  • Land lease agreements
  • Plat and neighborhood law
  • Clustered conservation neighborhoods
  • Deed limitations
  • Advancement guidelines
  • Floodplain regulations
  • Native plant preservation
  • Endangered Types Act
  • Permitting
  • Damages for hold-ups in permitting

Opposing excellent intentions with strong, trustworthy facts

Land use restrictions, especially environmental measures, are composed and passed into law with the best of intentions. Sadly, their application often has little basis in reality. We honor the intentions of good-faith legislation, however intensely question whether provided guidelines do or need to use. Our Tucson land lease attorneys actively research study your particular scenario, spending long hours in the field event evidence to build an engaging case to maintain your rights. If you have lost an economic advantage due to unjust delays, we’ll see that you are correctly compensated. While we prefer to settle land use disputes on fair terms, we have a strong record of success in cases we’ve brought to trial.
Creative options to the issue of the huge footprint

Rain Monsoon Desert Storm Sunset Cloud ArizonaWe believe that, most of the times, it is possible to have economic and residential advancement and still keep the ecological stability of a provided location. Our Tucson land lease attorneys are dedicated to finding ingenious and imaginative options that balance conservation with financial growth. If you’re facing community opposition to your land advancement strategies, We have the negotiating abilities to bring polarized parties together or, alternatively, the lawsuits prowess to dominate in court.

The goal for all our customers is sustainable, appropriate, financially possible and responsible development. Our representation has consisted of medical campuses, retail developers, commercial complexes, workplace developments, blended use developments, continuing care retirement communities, local cities and towns and tax increment funding districts.